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GUNSON Brake Fluid Tester

Product code: 77002
A simple and effective tester shows the condition of the brake fluid with a coloured response
  • £29.36

GUNSON Vacuum Pump

Product code: 77003
Checks vacuum operated systems on car and light commercials
  • £85.88

GUNSON Timing Light With Advance Feature

Product code: 77008
Timing advance up to 60 crankshaft degrees
  • £95.93

GUNSON Multi Tester Leads

Product code: 77011
High quality replacement multi-meter test lead kit for most multi-meters
  • £12.52

GUNSON Multimeter Accessory Set

Product code: 77019
Includes 2 probes, 2 small crocodile clips and 2 large crocodile clips
  • £42.38

GUNSON Eezibleed Pro Brake Bleeder Set - 2 litre

Product code: 77021
Pneumatic brake bleeder
  • £171.48

GUNSON Auto Probe - 6V-24V

Product code: 77023
Tests for voltage, continuity, short circuits and bad earths
  • £57.92

GUNSON 180 Piece Heat Shrink Tubing

Product code: 77041
These handy sheaths form a protective water resistant insulation over exposed wiring and electrical connections.
  • £18.82

GUNSON Multi-Purpose Cap For Eezibleed

Product code: 77042
This multi purpose cap enables the standard Eezibleed to be used on a wider range of vehicles by providing a clamp-like grip on the brake fluid reservoir.
  • £27.70

GUNSON Compression¬†­Tester Kit - Petrol Engines - 6 Piece

Product code: 77043
This compression tester kit comes complete with a large, easy to read 2 1/2in. dial face with accurate Bourdon tube meter movement.
  • £67.94

GUNSON Trakrite Camber Gauge

Product code: 77066
Magnetic gauge attaches to the hub or disc brake
  • £48.28

GUNSON Paint Depth Gauge

Product code: 77067
This innovative gauge tests the amount of body filler or sub-standard repair on any motor vehicle. It is an ideal tool for checking the state of the car before it is bought.
  • £16.96

GUNSON Automotive Fuse Adaptor Test Leads

Product code: 77068
This tool is for testing and measuring the amps at the fuseboard and is designed for use with multi-testers. Specification 12V - 48V/ 0-20A
  • £16.09

GUNSON Wiring Connectors - Kit - 338 Piece

Product code: 77070
Plastic compartment box keeps tools tidy

GUNSON Flexible Honing Brush Set - 3 Piece

Product code: 77075
This flexible honing brush set with 120 grit and 8/12/20mm shafts
  • £27.43

GUNSON Spark Indicator

Product code: 77077
Non-contact spark tester
  • £13.97