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HOLTS Cataloy Knifing Putty - 100g

Product code: CAT13
Fills surface scratches, chips & scores
  • £5.08

HOLTS De-Icer Aerosol - 600ml

Product code: DI6
Remove frost from all types of glass efficiently
  • £3.66

HOLTS Firegum Exhaust Repair Tube - 150g

Product code: FG1RP
Stops leaks and withstands heat and vibration
  • £5.30

HOLTS Paint - Fluorescent Yellow - 300ml

Product code: FP11C
Holts auto spray paint
  • £7.97

HOLTS Gun Gum Silencer Repair Paste - 200g

Product code: GG2R
Permanently repairs small holes and leaks in silencers and exhaust systems
  • £4.52

HOLTS Shampoo & Wax - 5 Litre

Product code: HAPP0101A
Tough on stubborn dirt including insects and bird residue, but kind to paintwork to leave the car clean with no streaks
  • £9.41

HOLTS Trigger De Icer - 500ml

Product code: HDEI0002A
Quickly clears frost and ice
  • £3.78

HOLTS Gun Gum Wide Metal Repair Bandage

Product code: HL1R6
Fully adjustable, flexible repair system
  • £14.50

HOLTS Spray Grease - 500ml

Product code: HMAI0101A
A multi purpose grease
  • £6.16

HOLTS EGR & Carb Cleaner Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: HMTN0201A
Rapidly removes all deposits
  • £5.62

HOLTS Silicone Spray Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: HMTN0301A
Waterproof formula stops squeaks without leaving residue
  • £6.16

HOLTS Release Spray Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: HMTN0401A
Penetrates and releases seized parts

HOLTS Electrical Contact Spray Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: HMTN0601A
Removes oil, grease and dirt without leaving residue
  • £5.62

HOLTS Engine & Parts Degreaser Aerosol - 500ml

Product code: HMTN0701A
Cleans metals, plastics and more
  • £5.62

HOLTS Exhaust Assembly Paste - 300ml

Product code: HMTN0901A
Creates a gas tight seal to stop leaks
  • £5.00

HOLTS Headlight Restoration Kit

Product code: HREP0031A
Restores headlight clarity and clearance
  • £20.84