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POWER-TEC Chain - 2.5m

Product code: 91063
Suitable for use with the various hooks supplied from Power-TEC

POWER-TEC Door Post Puller

Product code: 91076
Variable pull positions
  • £46.30

POWER-TEC Scissor Clamp - 50mm

Product code: 91087
50mm wide jaw
  • £130.86

POWER-TEC Weblash Strap - 0.8m - 8 Tonne Capacity

Product code: 91093
50mm wide with two eyelets
  • £35.20

POWER-TEC Floor Plate - 190mm x 190mm

Product code: 91108
10mm chain locks into plate for general body and chassis pulling

POWER-TEC Grab Hook Pin

Product code: 91116
Grab hook for 10mm chain
  • £21.44

POWER-TEC Antizap Protect - 12V/24V

Product code: 91144
Fit across battery to absorb voltage surge

POWER-TEC Welding Blanket - 2m x 1.5m

Product code: 91148
Available in two sizes

POWER-TEC Spotmatic Boron Drill Kit

Product code: 91150
  • £522.02

POWER-TEC Glass Removal Kit

Product code: 91157
A set of 3 glass removal tools with T-handles for access
  • £61.60

POWER-TEC Glass Cut Out Square Wire

Product code: 91158
Part of a range of windscreen and glass removal tools
  • £34.76

POWER-TEC Vehicle Glass Removal Tool

Product code: 91159
Specifically designed tool for removing glass
  • £23.63

POWER-TEC Braided SCR Wire

Product code: 91160
For glass and trim removal
  • £13.15

POWER-TEC Seam Splitter

Product code: 91168
Sharpened on two edge for penetration between panels
  • £22.34

POWER-TEC Stepped Drill Bit - 4.0mm-30.0mm - 2mm Steps

Product code: 91170
4mm - 30mm in 2mm steps
  • £64.15