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Road Hero Space Saver


This is the Brand New Space Saver Alloy Wheel range brought to you by a1carshop.com

RoadHero, a revolutionary new product which is set to solve the increasingly annoying problem for drivers of not having a spare wheel.

This range of vehicles that RoadHero alloy space saver wheels are available for can be seen below. If you can't see your vehicle please contact our team on 01254 389911 or Chris@a1carshop.com

*Please note* pictures are for illustration purposes only, each wheel size and stud pattern differs to suit the vehicle stated.

RoadHero is a full size, alloy wheel fitted with tyre which comes complete with jack and wheel brace for fitting, all stored in a handy bag easy to keep in your car boot so you are prepared in case of a puncture or blow out.

The RoadHero is available for all makes and models and gives drivers peace of mind of having a safe easy solution to hand should they suffer a flat tyre.

Over recent years as many as half of new cars no longer come with a spare wheel and instead are supplied with tyre slime or foam sealant instead.

But these products only solve half the problem, they are useless for blow outs or tyre wall slashes and with space saver wheels also on the decline the RoadHero really is a hero product for an increasingly common problem.