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STP Carb Cleaner Spray - 500ml

Product code: 71500ENP
Easy to use, fast acting spray that can help maximise your engine's power, performance and efficency
  • £5.08

STP Brake Cleaner - 500ml

Product code: 72500EN
The STP Brake Parts Cleaner reduces brake noise and cleans without disassembly

STP STP Brake Parts Cleaner - 500ml

Product code: 72500ENP
Assists in the prevention of uneven braking, noise and chattering
  • £5.24

STP Multi Foaming Cleanser - 500ml

Product code: 81500ML
Multi purpose foaming cleaner
  • £5.10

STP Son Of A Gun Protectant - 300ml

Product code: 97211EN
Restores the lustre and shine of vinyl, leather, rubber, PVC, wood and plastics
  • £7.58

STP Auto Freeze Auto Air Con Recharge - 532ml

Product code: GID02000EN
Improves system effciency
  • £52.96

STP Super Seal Air-Con Stop Leak - 40ml

Product code: GID02002EN
Repairs metal leaks - evaporator, condenser, compressor, accumulator, receiver/dryer
  • £32.14

STP Professional A/C Charging Gun with Gauge

Product code: GID02020EN
Heavy duty charging gun with gauge
  • £79.55

STP Air-Con Test Thermometer

Product code: GID02023EN
Checks vent temperature to evaluate A/C performance
  • £7.99

STP Auto Air-Con Reusable Trigger Dispenser & Gauge

Product code: GST00089EN
Accurately changes and measures A/C refrigerant
  • £27.68

STP Auto Air-Con Cleaner - 150ml

Product code: GST23150EN
Eliminates odours and bacteria
  • £8.18

STP Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner - 200ml

Product code: GST66200EN
Removes soot/carbon particles from diesel particulate filters
  • £7.26

STP Synthetic Oil Treatment - 300ml

Product code: GST67300EN
Reduce engine wear by reducing piston deposits
  • £8.02

STP Start Stop Petrol Engine Cleaner - 200ml

Product code: GST74200EN
Keep fuel intake system clean to maintain performance levels
  • £5.81

STP Start Stop Diesel Engine Cleaner - 200ml

Product code: GST75200EN
Keep fuel intake system clean to maintain performance levels
  • £5.81

STP Emissions Reducer Petrol - 400ml

Product code: GST78400EN
Cleans components that affect emissions
  • £7.45