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U-POL Acid #8 Etch Primer - 450ml

Product code: ACID/AL
Promotes paint adhesion to difficult substrates such as galvanised steel and aluminium

U-POL Body Filler Applicator

Product code: APL/1
Plastic applicator with a flat leading edge to give a superior finish
  • £1.68

U-POL Dolphin Finishing Glaze - 440ml

Product code: BAGDOL/1
Specially formulated for the professional user and combines excellent levelling properties together with easy sanding
  • £17.68

U-POL Barcoat Quick Drying Isolator 1 Litre Tin

Product code: BAR/1
Single pack quick drying isolator.
  • £45.55

U-POL Custom Can Pre-Charged Aerosol - 400ml

Product code: CCUP/AL
Highly specified pre-charged aerosol
  • £7.15

U-POL Painters Overall - Large

Product code: COVER/L
High barrier, safe and reliable protection
  • £10.21

U-POL Painters Overall - X Large

Product code: COVER/XL
High barrier, safe and reliable protection

U-POL Easy One Body Filler - 4.62Kg

Product code: EASY/7
Size: 4.62Kg
  • £37.10

U-POL Fantasticâ„¢ Ultra Lightweight Body Filler - 3 Litre

Product code: FANT/3
Multifunction body filler that can be used for deep filling or finishing
  • £31.54

U-POL Flyweight Body Filler - 3 Litre

Product code: FLY/3
Super lightweight, easy spreading and sanding polyester body filler

U-POL Gravitex Stonechip Protector Sprayable Paint - Black - 1 Litre

Product code: GRA/NB1
Tough, hard, durable coating designed to reproduce the manufacturers original stone chip finish
  • £16.51

U-POL Grey Stripe Brushable Seam Sealer - 1 Litre

Product code: GS/1
Flexible brushable seam sealer for overcoating welded joints
  • £24.90

U-POL Guard #10 Gravigard Stone Chip Protector - Black - 450ml

Product code: GUARD/AL
Tough and durable coating protects vulnerable areas of bodywork against stone chipes, salt, damp and rust
  • £11.05

U-POL U-POL Schutz Gun

Product code: GUN/1
Specially constructed for application of HS stonechip coatings & Raptor
  • £30.04

U-POL High5 Primer - Dark Grey - 450ml

Product code: HIGHDG/AL
Super high build primer with very smooth finish
  • £20.86

U-POL High5 Primer - Grey - 450ml

Product code: HIGHG/AL
Super high build primer with very smooth finish
  • £20.87